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Two lesbians have a tearful goodbye at a train station.
Tags: lesbian
Modified: 2021-11-01T21:25:00Z
Content Warnings: None

A Changed Perspective

A trans girl runs away with her eevee to the Lostlorn Forest, and finds a happy transformation of herself there.
Tags: transformation, pokémon
Modified: 2020-10-13T02:26:40Z
Content Warnings: parental abuse, transphobia

A Warehouse Encounter

A logistics coordinator for the Korps runs into something rather unsafe in her workplace environment.
Tags: morphic korps
Modified: 2020-07-06T22:08:20Z
Content Warnings: injury, drone, blood, bullying, knives


Two girlfriends deal with the immediate aftermath of the use of a safeword.
Tags: lesbian
Modified: 2020-03-10T20:54:00Z
Content Warnings: parental abuse

Escape to a Dungeon

Jade played Red Rescue Team as a kid for escapism, and she plans to do the same with the remake as an adult, albeit with a very different kind of escapism.
Tags: transformation, pokémon
Modified: 2020-03-06T15:15:00Z
Content Warnings: parental abuse, bullying, memory loss, transphobia


A woman who was isolating is taken to a new and unique bar by her friend, where the entertainment is far more interesting than simple alcohol
Tags: morphic korps
Modified: 2019-11-28T22:15:00Z
Content Warnings: None

Non-Hostile Intrusion

A professor working on neural link technology has a security hole in their tests on themself exploited.
Tags: None
Modified: 2019-10-27T21:46:40Z
Content Warnings: parental abuse, self-hatred, transphobia, sexism


A stressed out woman indulges in some petplay with her partner for some escapism, and escapes from a bit more than she bargained for
Tags: morphic korps, transformation, lesbian, petplay
Modified: 2019-10-23T02:10:00Z
Content Warnings: None