The Abuser's Guide to Transmisogyny
aka "How to Cancel a Trans Girl"

by Wyatt fractal Starlight

Selecting a Victim

Most aspiring transmisogynistic harassers will seek out the art due to a particular trans girl in mind who annoys them in some way. Maybe she started acting Weird, maybe you're just vehemently against her holding any power over you, maybe she just disagreed with you on a ship. Whatever your reasoning is, it does not matter much to your attempts at life destruction beyond what talking points you can farm out of your grudge. If, however, you are the sort of amoral sadist who would seek to destroy a trans girl's life without even the remote justification of a petty grudge purely out of some fucked up sense of power, then it would do well to select a victim that will be more vulnerable to your attempts.

With a deft manipulative hand, these tactics can work against most any trans girl you'd seek to upend, however, those who have past experience with attempts against them will be better equipped to handle your attacks. It's best to seek a victim who is ignorant of the modes of transmisogyny, especially if you are specifically attacking her in a space that has no past experience repelling similar attempts. The number one way a victim might be able to fight back against your attempts to slander her is knowing the true intentions and methods of what you are doing to her, and you cannot let this be common knowledge if you want success in your endeavors.

Multiply-marginalized trans girls are especially potent victims, as people are primed to cast away those further from the societal "norm" of experience, which trans girls are inherently already far beyond. For example, a neurodivergent trans girl in one way or another is a perfect victim, especially if her neurodivergences manifest in a way that makes her ambiguously Weird. Many communities are always itching at the chance to shove away their weirdest members, and you can levy this to your abuse's advantage with very little effort if you pick your victims carefully. The cluster B types are especially vulnerable to this, as if your victim has ever lashed out or split on someone, you can lean into people's preconceived ideas of "narcissists" or "anti-social" people being Inherently Evil to layer on even more attacks on your victim.

Consider also picking a trans girl you can double up on lightly-disguised racist tirades against, as with only the barest veiling most people are willing to jump on racial minorities seen as "uppity" faster than you can blink, doubly so for the trans girls that are your victims. In more physical communities, you can leverage disability to terrifying effect with your amoral tirades. Sprinkle on implications of your victim being a "burden" in some way or another, and you can get people to cast her aside without even having to step foot into the more difficult lanes of attack.

But even for a "less marginalized" trans girl, while it might take some more work, you can turn the very same mechanisms you'd use against multiply-marginalized victims as excuses for your less marginalized victims. Don't worry about the hypocrisy, you're here to destroy an innocent victim's life, you threw that morality out the window as soon as you started. It takes some more searching, but if you can just find something to take out of context to frame your victim as exactly the same kind of bigot that you're willing to be, she can be an even easier victim than the ones mentioned before, as you can borrow a page from the fascist playbook and turn the language of social justice against the very people it was created to aid. Hell, working to frame your victim as enacting the very same transmisogyny you're trying to ruin her life with is one of the most effective approaches, as you can get the very beings who might protect her on your side if you play your cards right.

Mode of Attack

At this point, you've decided on your victim and are actively trying to figure out how to start. The first step is merely to have patience. If you want to actually make your life destruction stick, you need to wait for the right moment to strike the iron. If you don't have what it takes to be able to wait her out without your conscience getting to you, you don't have what it takes to destroy a life.

Secondly, of course, you need to decide on a mode of attack, the two major categories of which I'd classify as "Flash Flare" and "Slow Burn." This decision must be made early and, critically, must be stuck to. Backing off on one and flip-flopping in the middle can kill your legitimacy at attempts of either. It can very clearly reveal your hand beyond the veil of "just asking questions" if you cannot stick to a specific plan, and can drive the allies you need on your side away if they start to realize that they're the baddies.

Flash Flare / Callout Post

For the aspiring abuser who has less confidence in their own patience, a hard, fast strike out of the blue is probably the best course of action. This method, too, benefits from patience, but that certainly doesn't mean it can't be attempted at any time, just that it may be far easier if you wait for a perfect moment to strike.

The main factor of going for a fast and hard strike is finding some Controversial point to grow a harassment mob around. Maybe your victim said something you can ship-of-Theseus into sounding racist, maybe she chose to associate with someone already considered "problematic", maybe she even just posted about some sort of kink or sexuality and you're gonna bend that into her being a rapist or a pedophile. The last approach works best of all of these, as society is always primed to see trans girls as pedophiles; the TERFs already did the work for you on that front. But even if any sexual allegations aren't your centerpiece seed, they can do wonders as an extra spice, a perfect excuse for "if you support my victim against me, you're supporting pedophilia" attacks.

Of course, pedophilia isn't the only thing you can kill a trans girl with by the accusation, you can take special advantage of people being extra willing to attribute any wrongdoing to a trans girl. She made a comment against prisons once? You can frame her as a fascist sympathizer based on "but the fascists should go too!" and no one will check! You don't even have to have any vague remote excuse, just making 'evidence' up for your crusade is a beautiful way to stack on the hatred, and pulling accusations from every category helps solidify your accusation of your victim as Inherently Sinful, like society already primes everyone to want to do to any trans girl they see. That last point is one of the most crucial here, if you want this to stick, leaning into christian sin culture helps a lot, as framing your victim as "unclean" in some way or another is a perfect way to isolate her.

Regardless, once you find some seed, composed of as many vaguely Controversial things as you can find or create, now is time for the actual strike. As mentioned, this does well to have patience on, as a more recent bout of Controversy around your victim will make people less suspicious of your motives. You can certainly drop the callout post bomb on her at any point, but if you do it at any random time, it is far easier for your victim to call attention to "why are you drudging up past grudges out of the blue". This is, of course, exactly what you are doing, and you do not, under any circumstances, want people to realize that.

Once you have dropped this callout post bomb, you do, of course, have to defend it. Transmisogyny is a powerful force to pull upon, but it usually isn't easy enough to just do only one attack. For one, try and get yourself a couple allies who are willing to amplify your attacks. They need not actually know your more sinister intentions, arguably they're even more effective if they think they're doing actual justice. One way to try to get allies on your side is to encourage everyone near your victim to abandon her, lest they be just as "problematic" as you've claimed she is. If your victim is in some relative position of power (say a moderator role or even mild informal social influence), you can also try and build up a martyr narrative of her being the real attacker here. Make appeals to some "silent majority" that supports you and are oppressed by your victim, no matter how fake or nonexistent any "silent support" may be. No matter what resistance any of your victim's support network gives, stick to it ardently, build up a whole small movement if you can. Hell, try and get a harassment forum to join you if you're really confident.

Of course, most importantly of all is to stick to it, lest you compromise your own credibility even further. No matter what consequences this has on your own network, no matter any quibbles your conscience may have about hurting people, no matter how evil you feel, if you want to destroy your victim's life, you have to stick to it to the end. Don't give up the fight, don't give up the attack, until you've either won and she's been driven out to probably kill herself from your actions, or until you've been driven out instead for your harassment. You weren't ever going to be able to do your intended life destruction without putting your social standing somewhat at risk, so that's the consequences of failure, and cutting your losses will make you even less trustworthy if you make any future attempts.

Slow Burn / Whisper Networks

Of course, if you have a lot more patience, and don't mind it taking a while to truly destroy your victim's life, taking a slower approach puts you personally at far less risk and can be far more effective. While attacking her in the long term from the shadows, you can push a lot more subtle and sinister points against your victim without having as much potential for her to push back against you.

The most important thing to focus on with a slow burn approach is knowing that you cannot pull it off alone. Assembling a whisper network is required, as without a group of collaborators, a single person spreading rumors barely has legitimacy, even for the vulnerability of trans girls. The recruitment for this is necessarily a slow process, one that requires waiting for opportunities. Perhaps someone you see has suddenly picked up a grudge against your victim and you can pull them in with your own ammo to turning that into full-blown hatred. Disgruntled ex-partners of your victim are brilliant for this, as it's very easy to convince them that "we weren't good partners for each other" is the same thing as "she is inherently abusive and I need to get rid of her." Play up the pain of your allies-in-recruitment, no matter how petty, and try and direct it towards desiring harm of your victim.

Of course, your allies don't just have to be those with personal grudges. Many communities have self-ascribed "anti-pedophile crusaders," and these are a valuable resource considering how easy it is to make someone see a trans girl as a sex criminal. Recruit them by leaning into a narrative of how your victim "protects pedophiles in <community>," which works especially well in fandom spaces with the presence of their "anti" faction. If you construct a narrative of your victim puppeting the community from behind the scenes, you can lean right into the fascist playbook of portraying your vulnerable victim as the puppetmaster.

Assembling your allies together is a slow process, but as you do that, it gives you more power to levy stronger influence. You can, for one, subtly encourage your allies to slowly push away your victim, start slowly excluding her. Trans girl victims are often very liable to blame themselves if people are driven away from them, so if you play your cards right, your victim won't even notice if people slowly start abandoning her on your or your allies' urging. In order to get this sort of thing to stick, it's important to lean into the "just asking questions" nature, to hide the full extent of what you're doing. You're not "smearing a trans girl as a pedophile", you're Just Asking Questions about the "Problematic" things she's up to. The fascists often speak of "hiding their power level" in their rhetoric, in order to convince people who might not be as on board with the open evil, and you'd be wise to take their lead to keep allies who might think they're still doing justice on your side.

Of course, if someone else ends up attempting some sort of callout post against your victim independent of your little whisper network of attack, which for a more famous trans girl is more likely than you'd think, you can incorporate this into your attacks. Be just one more person signal boosting the claims, subtly levy your already long-prepared whisper network to lean into "she was already Problematic, and now she does this? why are you still friends with her," but don't fully lean into the flash flare at the cost of your whisper network. If the callout post fails, you want to still have a whisper network maintained even with your open attacks on your victim, now armed with new ammo of whatever was drudged up for you by someone else.

A whisper network is very much the long game, and it can take years for it to see full effect, but the way it can make your life destruction stick is unmatched. Slowly isolating your victim from any support and slowly convincing those around her to drop her as a friend tends to stick far harder after you let your maintenance fade. After all, someone who abandoned your victim in a flash flare of passion at the callout calling her Evil might repair it, but someone who you've caused to naturally drift away from your victim might never want to repair it. Your isolation can be complete if you play the long game, and likely drive your victim to take her own life from the loneliness, at very little risk to yourself.

Ammunition and Justification

Now that you've decided on how exactly you're going to go about destroying your victim's life and likely driving her to suicide, you have to actually collect your ammunition to put your plan into action. No matter if you're going for a slow-burn or a quick huge callout post, you have to actually have justification for your irrational hatred of your victim, or else no one else is going to go along with you easily. It certainly does not have to be true, but it definitely functions better if you can ground it in something people are willing to believe.

As mentioned previously, society already has everyone you're going to try and recruit primed to view trans girls as sexual abusers in hiding, so accusations of sex crimes will function perfectly to discredit your victim. You'd do well to find some seed you can frame into an allegation of sexual assault or grooming to start with, as that is going to be the easiest one to get going. Perhaps your victim has a disgruntled ex who you can convince of their false victimhood, or perhaps your victim once talked to a minor who you can convince that they were groomed. However it is, while it helps to have a supposed "victim" of your victim to justify your attacks, you certainly don't need someone real. A vague "multiple people have told me she abused them" can go a long way, as the vagueness makes it nigh impossible to fact check, and casts doubt on anything your victim says against your attacks, as you can frame her own retaliation as abuse itself.

Of course, you don't even need even a made-up "victim" to accuse your trans girl victim of sexual impropriety. If your victim is into any sexuality at all, she's likely to have some kink or another that is vaguely Controversial enough to accuse her on. Never mind that it's between consenting adults, if you frame it as thoughtcrime, if you frame it as sin, it's very difficult for your victim to actually defend against it. One particularly effective mode to attack with is any caregiver/little dynamics your victim might be into, as it is very easy to twist "your victim likes diapers" into "your victim likes fucking children" as a ship-of-Theseus argument. Targeting littleness works especially well because it is a kink that usually comes from parental abuse that manifests into fawn trauma, and you can take advantage of your victim's trauma making her try to appease anyone that hurts her to neutralize any ability she has to fight back.

While littleness is one of the best targets to base accusations of sexual abuse on, basically any kink can work well enough for that. If she draws CNC you can call her a "secret rapist," if she's into petplay you can call her a "zoophile", if she's into gore or sadomasochism you can claim she's physically abusive. Hell, you can get the antis on your side if she merely ships the wrong characters together or likes a "bad" character, as they're all too willing to join at the hint of anything like that they can attack someone for. Literally any kink or sexuality can be twisted into a slight against your victim, and this works very well for your attacks so that they may pull at the groundwork the fascists already set out for you.

Of course, while attacking your victim's sexuality might be almost the perfect platter of ability to attack, there's many, many other modes of attack you can take. For example, if your victim picked up some new religion of some variety, something she's excited for and found very important, it is trivial to frame her as an abusive cultist for enthusing about it. Remember from before, communities are usually itching to get rid of their ambiguously Weirdest members, and "she's an abusive cultist trying to convert you" puts words to any subtle ableist discomforts they might already have with your victim's neurodivergences.

Maybe your victim made some bad political take at some point, or at least something that can be twisted into a bad take. Lean into the bad-faith readings, frame anything that isn't explicitly including everyone as inherently racist somehow. People are always itching for some excuse to see a white trans girl as basically the same as a white cis man, lean into that by degendering your references, call her "they/them" no matter her pronoun preferences. If you can take away the immediate perception of your victim as a trans girl, you can hide the blatant transphobia of your attacks in the padding of the language. If your victim is white, emphasize that, call her inherently racist, lean into any little thing that can be framed in bad faith as not being good enough.

Of course, this all applies reciprocally for if you are attempting a transmisogynoir against a POC trans girl. You can lean into racist caricatures about violence, as people are always very willing to see someone they can consider as a black man as a feral violent murderer waiting to happen. Mix in transphobic anxieties about "invading women's spaces," and you can double up on the accusations of sexual impropriety from before, as people are even more willing to see a POC trans girl as a rapist on flimsy evidence.

Really, literally anything you can imagine anyone having any conceivable level of problem with can be reframed into your victim having committed some unforgivable sin only solvable by exile. Get creative, try different modes of attack depending on what communities you are attacking your victim is in, learn from what has or hasn't worked in the past (which is, of course, another benefit of a slow-burn approach). If you lean into it enough, anything can work for your desired life destruction, as people are itching to get rid of trans girls in the first place, and at its core, you can tap into that with anything.

Failure Modes

Now, of course, the level of complete life destruction you are attempting is absolutely not without risks, and there are many common failure modes your attempts on your victim's life might fall into. Especially notable is your attempts backfiring and getting you purged from community instead, which is a risk you have to account for if you really want to go for your attacks. No matter what, this is your doing, this is what you signed on for when you started going after your victim, and flailing around in your loss is likely to make you look more pathetic to any other communities you might try and move to attack after your failure.

The most obvious risk is your victim catching wind of your blatant attempts at destroying her life, and warning those around her not to trust you. This can be supremely difficult to evade, which is why it was strongly suggested to try and choose a victim who is less aware of the modes of transmisogyny you are using to attack her. With a deft hand and a slow burn approach, you can still manage it, as people are more likely to be wary of a callout post than a Just Asking Questions whisper network, but if you play your cards wrong, it is very likely to backfire and attack your attempts specifically, even bolstering your victim in the process and making it harder for any others (or you under a new alias) to come in and try again.

The other failure mode, and one that is less obvious from the outset, is your set of collaborators collapsing into infighting. Those who think they are doing actual justice rather than merely destroying an innocent victim's life are very primed to jump at shadows, and any of your allies doing something they consider Problematic is liable to have your group collapse under internally-targeted callouts. This can be avoided by trying to prevent your collaborators from getting close enough to notice anything they might be upset by, in the same mode as an abusive cult preventing its victims from comparing notes. However, this kind of thing can overall be supremely hard to prevent if you're not strongly careful, and I'd strongly recommend caution and adaptability to any specific circumstances accordingly.


If you've followed these steps well and wielded your own charisma against a trans girl, you have probably succeeded in your life destruction! Your victim is probably homeless, dead, or both, completely shredded from community by your harassment campaign to get rid of someone you're scared of for no other reason than her being an Uppity minority who you didn't like being around you! Good job! I hope you're proud of yourself! Time to move onto the next victim, as at this point, I suspect you have a taste for the blood of the innocent, for which you can start this guide again and repeat ad nauseam until you get bored or exhaust your credibility.

Congratulations, you destroyed an innocent life! Well done! I hope you're happy with yourself.